Complete Hip and Joint Formula, 60ct

Complete Hip and Joint Formula, 60ct

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Five Paws Pets Complete Joint Formula is filled with ingredients to help your fur babies not only be healthier, but also free them from joint pain as they get older.  Dogs and cats can be quite stoic and we often don't even know they're in pain.  Our treats work to lubricate their joints and are also an anti-inflammatory to help prevent future problems and reduce and/or eliminate pain.  Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia are often common illnesses that affects the face of pets.  

The Function of Complete Join Soft Chews

Our Complete Joint Soft Chews are an amazing wellness supplement offering multiple active ingredients in one easy treat.  These chews are a complete vitamin and mineral supplement and include powerful omega fatty acids, Chondroitine, Glucosamine, MSM, Multivitamins, and Rimoxen (a natural anti-inflammatory).  Many Veterinarian's agree that MSM or Anti-Inflammatories result in the biggest improvement of joints.  Our treats include the right amounts of active ingredients to bring optimal relief to your pets.

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