Krill Oil Shed-Free 100% Pure Krill Oil Soft Chews 60 count

Krill Oil Shed-Free 100% Pure Krill Oil Soft Chews 60 count

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Five Paws Pets Krill soft chews were developed with your pet's total wellness in mind throughout every stage of life.  The coats on my double coated dogs have never looked this good!  

Is your Pet Miserable With Itchy Dry Skin?

Does your pet constantly shed or experience dry, flaking and scaly skin?  Do you notice your pet incessantly itching?  They may be experiencing an essential fatty acid deficiency.  Essential fatty acids are those required by the body, but ones that must be derived directly from the diet.  

What Makes Our Krill Oil So Good?

The unique phospholipid complex of krill oil and the naturally occurring, whole-health optimizing antioxidant, Astaxanthin work extremely well together.  They are married in this formula to bring your pet the most unsurpassed krill oil supplements on the market for pets today.  Many fish are highly contaminated  with industrial pollutants and toxins such as mercury, PCB's heavy metals and radioactive poisons.  They're not the best for your pets.  Did you know that because of your dog or cat's smaller size, that they can develop adverse toxicity symptoms even faster than humans can? We guarantee that there are no harmful metals and toxins in our products.  Choose wisely when it comes to your pet's health, choose Five Paws Pets!

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